Hippos Killing Cows in Ethiopia
The government press in Addis Ababa is reporting that hippos in the southern province of Kaffa have started attacking and eating livestock. Already eight cows had been lost. The behavior of hippos eating meat, while not undocumented, is extremely rare. However, the repeated predation of other animals by hippos would be a completely new phenomenon to hippo researchers.  Local animal health and wildlife protection expert Alemayehu Alemu said the unusual behavior may have been provoked by humans. Alemu said that pregnant hippos tended to react aggressively to acts of provocation around delivery time, but cautioned that the "bizarre phenomenon" required a thorough study for a "scientific explanation". 

Note: The IUCN Hippo Specialists Group gathered this story from a legitimate news source, but, as the behaviors described are unprecedented in the scientific literature, cannot attest to its accuracy. 

Source: News 24 of South Africa (online), November 22, 2002

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